Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We got "All Worked Up"...

So Tuesday night was date night, and we really didn't have anything special planned because we had my school Christmas party Friday and a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in Camden on Saturday mixed in with shopping and snow storms, blah blah blah, you get the picture. So we decided to just go to our favorite Mexican Restaurant. You know the kind, where you go in and they don't even hand you a menu because they know exactly what you want? Yeah, it's pretty awesome. So, anyway...we sit down and we are ordering our normal Chicken Fajita extra everything that we always share when I noticed some intense drama going on on the TV screen in front of me. Now, granted, the volume wasn't up but they did have closed captioning and it was pretty interesting.

To make a long story short, Landen ended up coming over to my side of the booth (which is awesome because it meant cuddling, and we all know that's one of my top ten favorite reasons for date night!) and we were soon completely zoned into this TV show about none other than, get ready for this, REPOSSESSING AGENTS! I'm telling you, fist were flying, every other word was "bleep" and I could feel the insane madness all the way though my rolled up fajita burrito. Needless to say we were laughing so hard that we got others interested too. During this one particularly insane scene (where a little person attacks this 400 pound body builder with a chair and drop kicks him) the entire side of the restaurant we were on let out an I-feel-your-pain-kind-of "OHHHHHHHH". It was so much fun and we had to pry ourselves away from the booth at the end of the last episode.

The whole way home we talked about how much fun we had, and even tonight we were telling someone about the show. That's one of the coolest parts about having a regular date night. Even when you don't think anything exciting could possibly turns out to be one of the best nights in a while...and we weren't even trying!

So thanks to "All Worked Up" for making this Date Night Tuesday a memorable one.

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