Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top Ten List

Well last night was Tuesday, so you know what that means...date night! I woke up, curled my hair, did my face and got myself mentally prepared for a night out with my hubby. We got in the car and headed to work and started talking about our plans for the night when we had a brilliant beyond BRILLIANT idea! Let's postpone DNT until Thursday night/Friday morning, dress up all goofy, wait in line in the freezing cold, and watch the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter flick! Talk about being spontaneous!

So, now that we have a plan in place for this week's date night I didn't want to not blog until Friday evening so I decided to come up with a creative list of our top ten favorite reason to have a regular date night! These are just a few of our own ideas and we would LOVE to hear some of yours.

Top Ten Reasons to Have a Date Night:
10. It's fun to dress up. Okay ladies, let's be honest. We are always looking for a reason to doll ourselves up, put on our good eyeliner and lipstick, pull the pantyhose out (okay, so maybe not that one) and get dressed up for our man. Our guys love it too! Even though I have to wear dress slacks and blouses everyday to work it's nice to bump it up a little once a week, and a date is the perfect time to do it. (Not to mention it's always nice when you get that double-take from your hubby!)

9. It's something to look forward to on Monday. Before DNT, the only thing I look forward to on Monday was Friday, and it was a whole stinking 5 days away! Since we started DNT I now have a reason to wake up on Monday morning and make it through the day, Tuesday is just a day away!

8. It forces us to be creative! Have you ever tried to figure out something fun to do on a Tuesday night? It's hard! Go ahead, try it. Right now, log on to the internet and search for interesting things going on in your area on a Tuesday night! See? Told ya. We are constantly pushing ourselves to top the last week's date and it really makes us work for it, but it's definitely always worth it!

7. It keeps people guessing. The sad thing about this world that we live in is that for some reason people think that once you get married, all fun ceases to exist. NOT TRUE. It's so much fun to walk into a restaurant all giddy and in love and have people stare at you like "There's no way their married." Then I flash my bling, give my hubby a kiss on the cheek and let them see that we are married, and we love it!"

6. You can sit on the same side of the booth. I know it sounds silly but I love sitting on the same side of the booth as Landen. It makes me feel like we're back to when we first started dating and we can't get away from each other!

5. Conversation is required. One reason we try not to go to the movies on our date nights (usually) is because there isn't much communication going on when the lights are off and the people behind you keep saying "shhh" every time you breath too loudly. Planning a fun date night means you are more likely to talk about things that you have been putting off all week long.

4. It puts you in the mood! NO, not that mood! Sheesh. It makes me feel all romantic and fun and in love all over again. Landen opening the door for me, holding my hand in the car, it's all so much fun and I always feel like a princess!

3. He remembers to open the car door for me...enough said.

2. We get out of our comfort zone. This goes back to having to find something to do on a Tuesday night. Eventually we'll probably run out of things to do and start crashing town hall meetings or something...(gosh, I hope not!) but until then, we are happy to step out of our zone and find something to do....

and the number one Top Reason we love DNT is....................................

1. It keep us focused on each other. We can get so caught up with our jobs, our family, our chores, etc and forget what a blessing marriage is and why God intended for a man and woman to be together...for the companionship! Date night allows us to step away from this crazy world, re-prioritize, and focus all our attention on each other and our relationship. It just doesn't get much better than that!

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